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debtwit.wordpress.com is a friendly website focused on helping those who are having problems managing and reducing their debts.

I am Paul Wangai, a Coffee Technologist by profession and my inspiration for starting this blog was the fact that I too have had my fair share of debts in this life and will be speaking mostly from experience. Debts if not well-managed can lead to the worst forms of mystery ever imagined to man.

My intention is to give my readers a wider scope to view their debts from, since I have been there and done that and can now give a few tips or advice on how to properly handle their debts and still manage to live a good life. My readers should also expect to get expert advice that I have gathered while I was struggling with my debt, which was so bad that at one time I had to skip lunch just to save a few dollars to pay my bills.

Why debtwit

Why should you read from me?

I am in this for the long haul and I am willing to impact on people’s lives positively, I may not have had a chance like this to have a person guide me on managing my finances but I believe that it is with sharing that we learn more and become better.

some of the reasons why you should keep coming back are:

1. Intention – my main intention of starting this blog was my concern for the people who have had to go through an experience like I’ve had and have not yet been able to get out of it.

2. Experience – I have with me enough experience to share with the world on matters debt reduction and management. Your case might not be the same as mine but I am quite sure many things relating to money intertwine and the solutions too are almost identical.

3. Communication – I plan to answer each and every question that will be raised from this forum and from all other avenues that my readers might use. It’s no mean feat going through emails and all but consider me  your dedicated guide to debt reduction and management.

Contact me

In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me an email at



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