Between the Sofa Cushions and Beyond

Making Cents Of It All

spare change in the sofa cushions

You’d be surprised where you can come up with extra cash.

Beyond the sofa cushions there’s a variety of options.

  1. sell blood
  2. yard sale
  3. visit sperm bank
  4. odd jobs
  5. sell stuff on ebay, craigslist or etsy
  6. recycle scrap metal
  7. be a mystery shopper
  8. join military
  9. volunteer for clinical trials
  10. second mortgage
  11. sell annuity
  12. become a surrogate mother
  13. sell your hair
  14. use body for advertising
  15. odd jobs
  16. pan handling
  17. rent a room in your home
  18. tutoring
  19. movie extra
  20. busking

Not every suggestion will work for everyone for there might be a few new ones.

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